Terms to be a member

To become a member 
1. You will pay an annual membership fee of 20,000 MNT to the following account:
International | from outside of Mongolia: Bank name: GOLOMT, Holder's name: WSTEM; Account number: 1410017203, Swift Code: GLMTMNUB2
2. Please write your full name and phone number when making your membership fee.
3. Please click on the below link to fill out the membership form!
4. We will contact you by email once your membership feehas been credited.
By becoming a member of this organization, you will have the following privileges. These include:
1) Attend an annual meeting of all members free of charge, make presentations, and hold discussions;
2) Participate in international conferences at the lowest cost, make presentations and hold discussions;
3) Take presentations and hold discussions of your research works to all members and international conferences,
4) Advertise your researches;
5) Rewarding;
6) Mentoring,
7) Attend training discounted rate and free.
8) Meet leading industry, national and international scientists and representatives, develop cooperation and make networks;
9) Get information on international and domestic scholarships, apply for scholarships,
10) Exchange knowledge and information on regional and international achievements and developments;
11) Adverting your work, conduct training;
12) Provide opportunities for your contributions to developing the country,
13) Get a description of the volunteer works.