Main activities


Contributing to the development of the sciences, technology and engineering  

  • Support for publishing research and for certifying intellectual property
  • Support for women's participation in innovation, engineering development and research
  • Support for young researchers by organizing training and scholarship programsfor them
  • Promoting and rewarding the research work of established women scientists

Social activities

  • Organize and participate in national and international conferences
  • Participate and organize national and international humanitarian activities
  • Provide professional guidance to children and youth on the use, features, and importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics

International cooperation in science and technology

  • Exchange of information and support for cooperation with international organizations focused on women in STEM fields
  • Participate and cooperate in INWES and APNN activities
  • Collaborate with Mongolian women scientists who live abroad
  • Collaborate with foreign woman scientists who conduct research and/or reside in Mongolia